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    E&L AK105 AEG


    E&L AK105 AEG Review by Booligan

    Table of Contents:
    Basic Gun Information
    First impressions/Packaging
    Gun Specifications

    E&L is a new airsoft manufacturer who has set out with a lofty goal of making some of the most realistic AK AEGs available. With a production history of real firearm components, they're well equipped to handle this task, and today, we're looking at a production sample of their AK105, a modern, compact AK variant. Jag Precision will be carrying these for sale in the US, and they contacted me to give it a thorough review! Let's dig into this AEG and see what we've got!

    As mentioned before, this specific gun was sent to me directly by Jag Precision, who will be the US distributor for E&L guns. I don't have the retail price for the US imported versions, but I can report on the overseas price of $310 or so at most retailers. The gun that was sent to me is a production sample, without a box, magazine or any accessories, and there may be some differences with the final version sold in stores.

    Basic Gun Information:
    The E&L AK105 is a modern, folding stock AK variant made almost completely out of steel aside from the fiberglass reinforced polymer furniture. The gun is fitted with a standard V3 gearbox for easy upgrades and maintenance. It is wired to the top of the receiver and requires the use of a compact LiPo pack or stick battery for power.

    First impressions/Packaging:
    I can't comment on the packaging as my gun came in a simple shipping box wrapped in UPS shipping bags and filled with foam. Not exactly the way the gun will come from retailers. I can comment on my first impressions of the gun when I yanked it out of the package however. When the gun first hit my hands, I was very pleasantly surprised with its heft, feel, and finish which strongly resembled my real steel WASR-10 when I first received it. The slightly oily finish really completes the look of this thing.

    Again, since I didn't receive this from a retailer, I can't comment on what accessories it will include. My gun didn't include anything else, not even a magazine.

    Gun Specifications:
    Weight: 7.4 lbs
    Length: 23.3" – 32.75"
    Width: 2.5" (at charging handle)
    Height: 10.75" (sight to mag)
    Sight Radius: 11.25"
    Length of Pull: 13"

    Simply put, the E&L AK105 externals are worth the price of the gun alone. Were this to just be a kit for you to put your own internals in, it would easily be worth $300 or so. Nearly every metal component is made out of steel. The components that aren't made of steel are made of fiberglass reinforced polymer. The finish on the metal components is a satin, ever so slightly shiny oiled appearance, and were you to line it up next to a real AK, you would likely be hard pressed to spot the difference at first glance. It really is that good.

    Click on the individual thumbnails to see the full size photos

    External overview, right side
    Overview, right side

    The stock of the AK105 is a solid unit that folds to the left side of the gun. It has a storage compartment for a cleaning kit, just like the real stock. There is a small cutout in the side of the stock to fit over the side mounted optic rail, however, if you do have an optic fitted, you can't fold the stock. To fold the stock, simply push the button on the left side of the receiver, fold it, and lock it onto the latch on the receiver. To unfold it, push the button on the butt of the stock and unfold it, locking it in place.

    Right side of the stock, note the sling mount
    Stock folded, sling mount easily accessible

    The receiver is the backbone of the AK105, and with the E&L, it's a damn strong backbone. There is absolutely zero wobble or free play with this gun, it is absolutely rock solid. The receiver is made out of stamped steel and has a nicely oiled finish to help it look realistic. On the right side you'll find your standard AK controls, and on the left, you'll find a side optic mount.

    Right side of the receiver
    Left side of the receiver
    Bolt can be pulled all the way back

    The pistol grip is a standard 74 type unit with a textured finish on both sides to keep your hand firmly in place. The controls are correct for the gun, with a right side mounted selector switch and a magazine release lever at the front of the trigger guard. The selector clicks very firmly to each position, Safe-Full-Semi, and holds its position perfectly while firing.

    Pistol grip
    Selector switch

    The top cover is a smooth design locking securely onto the receiver. Your battery compartment is underneath, and you're pretty much limited to stick packs or very small LiPo packs.

    Battery compartment

    Moving forward from the receiver, you'll hit the polymer handguard which is quite comfortable to hold given its ribbed texture. There are options out there for rails to replace this handguard if you so desire.


    The steel outer barrel is terminated in a one piece front sight/gas block, both of which are made of steel. There are no 14mm- threads that I can see, as the large threaded muzzle is designed to fit the correct flashhider, and appears to be one piece with the gas block assembly. The flashhider is made of metal and is painted red on this sample.

    Front end
    Flashhider removed

    Aiming the AK105 is a simple task with its standard AK style rear sight and adjustable front sight. The sights have the correct markings and are quite stiff compared to most AK AEG sights.

    Rear sight
    Front sight

    There are few trademarks on the E&L, only a single molded mark on the left side of the receiver with an engraved serial number. Other than that, the selector switch markings are accurate and the iron sights are properly marked as well.

    Receiver markings

    There was no magazine included with my gun, but it appears that most packages will include a single AK74 style mid-cap magazine.

    Performance after a 500 round break-in, using Matrix .20g ammo is as follows:
    High FPS: 449.4 FPS
    Low FPS: 442.6 FPS
    Average FPS: 446.2 FPS

    Rate of fire using a Tenergy 11.1v 1000 mAh 20C LiPo pack was a pretty standard 19 RPS, which is pretty much par for the course with this pack. I feel comfortable using a higher output LiPo pack with this gun, as the internals seem like they'll take it quite well, however, you're limited on space due to the small battery compartment.

    Range and accuracy was quite good, and I chock that up to the high quality hop-up components, coupled with the high velocity. The gun has a split hop-up bucking, giving it great side to side consistency, and after feeding it some Echo 1 .28g ammo, I was easily putting shots onto my torso sized target out to 165'-170' with 90% hit consistency.

    Inside the E&L AK105, you'll find a V3 gearbox fitted with some VERY nice components. I did a full internal review of this gun on video, and you can find that at the top of this review.

    V3 gearbox
    Other side of the gearbox
    Mixture of ball bearings and solid bushings
    Land Arms marked motor cage

    Inside the gearbox, you'll find steel gears, an unported cylinder, and a polymer piston with a Systema type silent piston head, and matching cylinder head. The piston is partially skeletonized and has a unique guide design that only has a partial guide at the top to go with a full guide on the bottom. There are three steel teeth on the piston and a shaved first tooth. The grease is just right and the shim job is certainly passable for a stock gun.

    Inside the gearbox
    Steel gears with sector chip
    Silent type piston head
    Steel teeth

    The hop-up is a one piece metal design fitted with a split bucking and brass inner barrel. The bucking has two nubs inside to interact with the barrel, however, the nub itself is a standard design. The combination works very well. The hop-up unit is screwed both to the outer barrel and to the gearbox, making it extremely stable.

    Hop-up unit
    Split bucking design

    Electrically, the gun is fitted with a high torque motor that is fairly difficult to turn by hand. It features a mini automotive style fuse and a mini Tamiya plug located underneath the top cover.

    Realistically, there aren't really any modifications that you NEED to do to this gun before use, it really is well equipped from the factory. Externally, there are plenty of options for changing this thing up to your liking including rails, optics, etc. Internally, as the gun is equipped with a V3 gearbox, you can toss in whatever parts you need to hit your performance goals.

    Full STEEL construction, no monkey metal here
    Fiberglass reinforced polymer furniture
    High quality V3 gearbox
    Great air-seal from the factory piston and cylinder
    Skirmishable performance out of the box
    Proper markings throughout
    Side folding stock for easy storage and transportation

    May shoot too hot for some fields
    Limited battery space
    No 14mm barrel threads from what I can see

    Full metal AKs are a dime a dozen these days, with some very decent options out there for not too much coin. But this is one of only a few full steel constructed models, and it seriously is one of the better looking AKs that I've come across. The finish is really dead on for a real AK, and the thing feels perfect in your hands. E&L makes several different models of AK, and I'm excited to see which ones Jag Precision will be bringing to the US!

    Many thanks again to Jag Precision, and of course, Airsoft Retreat!