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    Booligan's Garage Sale

    As happens sometimes, the collection has grown a smidge out of control and it's time to trim things down. As such, I'm offering this collection of airsoft guns for sale.

    Important bits: Guns are sold as pictured with one magazine unless noted otherwise. They are sold AS IS. I repeat, they are sold AS IS and if something goes wrong (especially on the project builds) I am not providing any sort of warranty. I'm not a retail store, just a guy selling his guns, so I don't have after-sales support capabilities.Guns are priced accordingly with substantial discounts, however, are graded as indicated below:

    Stock - This is a gun that was reviewed and then stored. Minimum round count (less than 1000 normally) and should be in great condition, aside from some possible slight storage damage.

    Modified - The internals of these guns will normally be kept stock, with external upgrades being added. Should be in good operating condition but may need tuning to get optimum performance.

    Project - These guns are experimental, and may have extensive internal and external mods. You are getting a gun that may or may not run properly, plan on doing some work to get it going 100%.

    Parts - Consider this the junkyard. You will likely find usable parts both internal and external, but these are not much more than parts guns or wall hangers.

    So now you should have an understanding of what you're looking at and what you're getting into. Feel free to ask any quick questions on guns that you might be interested in. Shipping is not included and will be calculated depending on method and distance. Local sales in Utah are preferred to avoid shipping.

    Payment: I accept Venmo primarily or Cash locally. 

    Contact: Admin@booliganairsoft.com 

    The Goods:


    Stock - Echo 1/VFC XCR - This is the full metal split gearbox version. Has been wired for a small stick type LiPo in the upper receiver. Very high end gun that you don't see on the market anymore. $175

    Project - Two old Spyder Compact 2000 paintball guns. $35 for both?

    Project - JG "Giraffepat" AUG. This thing was quite popular back in the day, complete with all internals. $45

    Project - Well XM8 - This is a rarely seen version of the XM8. Creaky plastic body with weathered paint, but fitted with SRC G36 internals. Could make for an interesting build. $35

    Project - Shortened APS/Javelin AK variant. Custom shortened front end needs some JB Weld to secure the gas tube, but otherwise complete and should be able to run. $85

    Modified - Ares M4 with programmable trigger. Has Madbull Dissipator barrel, Magpul handguard. Is engraved on right side of receiver with "Booligan Airsoft". $155

    Modified - Echo 1/CAW M1014 with DB Custom Barrel. This thins is a blast from the past, a single shot pump action CAW build Echo 1 M1014 shotgun with a DB Custom 6.01 inner barrel. Some external wear and tear. $70

    Stock - Umarex/H&K Pink G36C - This has been used as a loaner gun but has less than 2-3,000 rounds through it. $80

    Stock - Pump action shotgun, single shot. $20

    Modified - WE G36C GBBR with AG36 40mm Launcher. Both the launcher and the gun work quite well and are in great condition. $225

    Modified - Classic Army SR25 with PTS Mega Arms handguard and ICS Stock. Lots of high end externals in this rare "SR25" marked AEG. $300

    Project - Classic Army VCW in SRU Bullpup Kit. Seems to have wiring issues, recommend harness replacement. $135

    Modified - WE SCAR-L in SRU Bullpup Kit. Used for a project build and cover photo shoot in Airsoft Insider Magazine. Comes with short and long mags. $275

    Modified - Echo 1 Sniper Rifle - $55

    Modified - Ares/Amoeba polymer M4 with Madbull rail. $130

    Project - Bravo AK. Lots of external tweaks, needs some tightening up, but complete. $105

    Modified - Plastic bodied shotgun - trishot. Added Heatshield and grip rail, but otherwise stock. $25

    Project - Classic Army "Honeybadger". Build this before they were a factory option. Metal body. Battery is stored in spare mag, stock is wobbly, and handguard needs tightening and timing. Gun needs a full rewire. $65

    Project - Echo 1 SR25 S-System. Metal body, paint is rough but is a unique build. Needs internal work to run properly. $65

    Parts - 8mm gas powered shotgun. Multi-shot, but has broken arms like most of these ended up with. Sold for parts or as a display/prop. $35

    Project - Echo 1 Wolverine "Khyber Pass" build. Another interesting shortened AK with a real AKM grip and modified stock. Full internals, ready for tuning and running. $105

    Modified - The Somali Pirate AK - APS base, tons of external weathering but with factory clean internals. This thing is another piece of Youtube Airsoft history and a cool little build. $105

    Parts - Classic Army SVD. Rare model, has some broken externals but comes with a full gearbox, mag, and all other internals. $30

    Stock - ICS 6mm M1 Garand - Probably the prettiest gun I own. Reviewed and stored, comes with 2 mags. $290

    Stock - G&G GKM AEG. Top-Tech system with integrated LiPo battery in the grip. Will come with special charger and two batteries. $220

    Parts - ASG Tac6 - Failed hop-up mod, but has ANT external CO2 adapter. Sold for parts - $20

    Project - Tri-shot M1014 Shotgun, stock broken. Masterkey project perhaps? $20

    Parts - MP5-SG1. Stupid build, has full internals but needs work to run. Creaky plastic body. $45

    Project - APS UAR - Has longer inner barrel but otherwise stock. Gen 1 unit, needs tweaks to run well. $65

    Modified - Plastic Tri-Shot Shotgun - $25

    Stock - 6mm ProShop Bazooka. Full scale, full metal. Weird 40mm shooting thing. $240

    Parts - JLS SCAR - The first budget SCAR, plastic body, only really a wall hanger or for parts. $20

    Project - Classic Army Suppressed Sniper Rifle - Needs a few tweaks to the sights but an interesting mid-powered compact sniper rifle build. $110

    Project - WE SMG8 GBB - Painted white because THE FUTURE. Paint is fading and wearing, but shot well. $85

    Stock - ICS 8mm Gold M1 Garand - A very rare gun indeed, kept in the shipping/display crate since the review. The outer box is a little banged up from storage but the gun is pristine. $325