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    Black Bear Airsoft V6 Razor Mesh Mask


    Black Bear Airsoft V6 Razor Mesh Mask review by Booligan
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    Table of Contents:
    Basic Information
    Mask Details

    Continuing on with our Black Bear Airsoft review project, today we'll be reviewing the V6 Razor mask. This mask is very similar in design to the V3 Rampage mask, and at first glance you may not see any differences, however it does feature a redesigned mesh portion for a more comfortable fit. Unlike the V3 Rampage mask, which features a flat mesh portion, the V6 Razor mask has an ergonomically designed mesh portion that contours to fit your face. I'll discuss the pros and cons of this mask system in this review, so keep reading for more information.

    Like the rest of the Black Bear Airsoft masks that I received, I was sent this directly by the company through their main distributor, ACM Gear. Airsoft Megastore has recently started carrying all of the various Black Bear Airsoft masks, and they'll likely have them in stock soon. This mask is available HERE, priced between $42.99 and $46.99, depending on the pattern chosen.

    Basic Information:
    As mentioned before, this mask is very similar in design to the V3 Rampage mask, reviewed HERE, but with the ergonomic mesh design. Currently, it is available in Black, OD, Tan, Desert, 3 color, Woodland, ACU, Cadpad, MARPAT, Desert MARPAT, Flecktarn, Vegetata, Multicam, and with a Punisher painted pattern, making this design one of the easiest to purchase to fit your exact loadout. Today, we'll be looking at the Multicam, Tan, and 3 color camouflage patterns.

    Mask Details:
    I won't bore you with too many details with this mask, as it's largely the same as the V3 Rampage mask that I previously reviewed, however, I will go over the basics and highlight the changes with this mask design. It uses the same high strength Cordura fabric surrounding the powdercoated steel mesh for great durability. It also uses the same wraparound system to secure it to your head utilizing elastic adjustable straps with high strength polymer buckles. It has the same durable stitching and high temperature adhesive that keeps the whole thing held together.

    From this point on, click on the thumbnails to see the full size images.
    Multicam mask
    Three color camo pattern mask
    Tan mask

    The main difference between the two mask systems is the ergonomic mesh design that is contoured to fit your face. This is a good and bad thing for most users. The benefit of this design makes it much easier to put a full seal mask over the mesh, protecting your eyes, however it makes it more difficult to put shooting glasses underneath the mesh. They are revising the mold to make it easier to fit glasses underneath the mask, eliminating one of the major cons of this mask system.

    Contoured design
    Much more curvy than the flat V3 mask
    Profile shot
    Fits well with goggles over the mesh

    Like the Rampage mask, the inner surface of the mask has mesh and padding for comfort and to prevent overheating during game use. Like all of the mask systems that I reviewed, I needed to bend out the cheek pieces to fit my face better, as I have a fairly wide jawline, however the high strength steel mesh retains enough flexibility to easily bend it to fit.

    Inner surface
    Back strap system

    Durability and strength are largely unchanged from the other model, as the mask still features high quality fabrics and durable fasteners. The adjustable strap system makes it easy to adjust to fit your face. The cheek pieces are still flexible enough to get a solid cheek weld with most guns, allowing you to use normal iron sights with ease.

    Cordura fabric
    BBA marked rivets

    Full face protection against painful face shots
    Durable materials and construction methods
    Ergonomic mesh design allows for an aggressive look and ease of use with goggles
    Available in a huge range of colors and patterns
    Affordably priced

    Current model is difficult to fit glasses underneath, revised model coming out soon
    Mesh can obscure your vision slightly
    Can get a little stuffy if you're not moving

    Overall, the V6 Razor is a unique mesh mask system that combines the intimidating look of the V3 Rampage with a more ergonomic design for easier use with goggles and increased comfort. The only real issue that I had with the mask is that I couldn't fit my blocky prescription glasses underneath the mask, however Black Bear Airsoft has revised this with the upcoming version.

    Well, this brings us to the end of the current line-up of Black Bear Airsoft's mesh masks, however they have some very unique mask designs in the works, so keep watching for more info on the upcoming models!
    Many thanks again to ACM Gear, and of course, Airsoft Retreat! Also, thanks to the entire crew at Wasteland Airsoft for their testing experiences!