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    S-Thunder Powder Spraying Landmine


    S-Thunder Powder Spraying Landmine review by Booligan

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    Table of Contents:


    Ordering/Company Info

    Basic Information

    First impressions/Packaging

    Landmine Specifications


    Proper Use





    Having previously sampled the water spraying version of the S-Thunder landmine, I'm pleased to be reviewing the powder spraying version today! Â This is the companion model to the powder mine, giving you the same functionality in a similar package, just shooting your choice of powder instead of water. This gives you some advantages over the water mine, but with some sacrifices as well, all of which I will cover in this review!

    Ordering/Company Info:

    I received the powder mine along with most of S-Thunder's other airsoft products directly from the company, however, you can purchase this at most retailers, including EVIKE, priced at $32 each. This affordable price point means that you can realistically purchase a few of these things, to allow you to effectively create a useable minefield in your scenarios. More retailers will be picking up S-Thunder's products soon, so keep your eyes peeled for more of their products on your preferred store's shelves!

    Basic Information:

    The operating mechanism is basically the same, with payload being the major difference between the two. They are S-Thunder's heavy armaments, using a single CO2 cartridge per firing, however, they give you the most impressive blast compared to their other landmines, as they expend the entire force of a 12g CO2 cartridge in a single blast. They require the same amount of triggering strength as the water mine, about 10-15 lbs, and they are plenty sturdy enough to take the weight of a fully geared out airsofter.

    First impressions/Packaging:

    Like all S-Thunder products, the powder mine comes packaged in a professional quality box that is ready for retail shelves. It has plastic spacers on the top and bottom of the box to keep the mine centered during transport, which successfully prevented damage en route to my house. Included in the package is a basic manual, as well as a bag to hold the mine complete with a carabiner to clip it to your gear.

    From this point, click all pictures to enlarge









    Carrying bag

    Landmine Specifications:

    Weight: 2 lbs

    Height: 4”

    Diameter: 6.25”


    Like the water mine, the powder mine is constructed almost entirely out of a high strength polymer that is designed to take the abuse that airsofters are known to subject their equipment to. It is a simple design, that is pretty hard for you to screw up during operation, making it very user friendly.

    The mine itself is comprised of two main pieces, the upper trigger assembly, and the lower half, which houses the CO2, as well as the powder. These parts are screwed together using thick, coarse threads for long service life. Everything comes together really well, with thick O-rings sealing everything up where it needs to be sealed.


    External overview


    Side view


    Top view



    Unscrewing the two halves allows you to load the CO2 capsule and full the payload area with your desired powder projectile. The powder is held in a plastic bowl like device inside the lower half of the mine body. This is removable for cleaning, or for maintaining the lower body.


    Two halves separated


    Bottom half, payload dish installed


    Dish removed, CO2 holder shown

    The upper half serves as the trigger button, as well as providing the safety pin and the powder outlet hole. The trigger pad is about 2.5" wide, which isn't terribly large and can make the mine hard to activate by an enemy. The safety device is a simple "pin and hole" arrangement, which physically prevents the pad from depressing. When fired, the pressure of the CO2 blows off the small rubber plug that holds in the powder, followed immediately by the powder of your choosing.


    Underside of the lid


    Safety pin


    Powder port plug


    Plug removed

    Overall, externally, these are very robust, and internally, they are very simple, which is a recipe for a long service life. They are large, somewhat heavy, however, if you design your loadout around the fact that you will be carrying a few of these things, you can carry and use them fairly effectively. They will take any abuse that you can throw at them with no issues in the long run from what I can tell.

    Proper Use:

    Arming the mine is an incredibly simple process, however placing it in the field takes a little bit of prep work. To arm the mine, you must first unscrew the top lid, and install a 12g CO2 capsule upside down in the chamber. You can then pour in your desired projectile powder. Don't go overboard with this, a little powder goes a long way.


    Capsule installed

    You can then screw the cap back on, install the safety pin, and place the mine in the carrying bag. When at the desired area that you want to mine, you must dig a small hole, large enough for you to fit the entire mine comfortably. Place the mine in the hole, and cover it back up with dirt and debris to camouflage it, ensuring that you keep the powder hole clear, to ensure proper firing. You are now ready to rock and roll!


    The mine uses a single 12g CO2 capsule per firing, so there's obviously a lot of performance potential there. In my use, the mine shoots a cloud of powder about 6-7' high, fully engulfing your victim. They will have no doubt that they are dead. Oddly enough, when I use the mine, it functions as a "step and release" mine, meaning that it gives a slight pop when you step on the pad, but the full powder fury is unleashed once you step off. This could be due to my 200 lb weight, however, I personally like it!

    Here is a video showing the proper use of the mine:



    Another affordable and effective landmine option

    Uses powder instead of water - less chance of AEG damage

    Sturdy construction - you won't break this thing

    Able to use pretty much any powdered substance


    Uses powder - some players may be upset that you got powder on their Gucci-flage

    Uses a single CO2 capsule per firing - can get pricy (can purchase GG/Propane cylinder from S-Thunder instead)

    Small trigger pad can be hard to step on


    I never really realized how much I would enjoy using landmines until I got my hands on these S-Thunder ones. It is really easy to fall in love with these things, especially when you actually get a kill with them in a game. Just like using other unusual airsoft weapons, you get a certain sense of pride scoring a kill for your team in an unusual way. The S-Thunder landmines may be slightly tricky to use effectively, like any landmines, but they offer a new and rewarding element to the game, and they do so economically, and with sturdy products that should last the length of your airsoft career.

    Many thanks again to S-Thunder and of course, AirsoftRetreat!