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    Marushin 6mm Derringer Pistol


    Marushin 6mm Derringer review by Booligan
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    Table of Contents:
    Basic Gun Information
    First impressions/Packaging
    Gun Specifications

    Having an incredibly tiny sidearm can have its benefits, and the Marushin Derringer is a fantastic option for a fun and unique backup pistol. Obviously, if you're looking for a serious, full time skirmish piece, you are looking in the wrong place, however, if you want a very cool, tiny little pistol, read on!

    I obtained the Marushin Derringer through Evike, where it is currently available HERE, priced at $65. It was sent out the day I ordered it, arriving two days later via UPS. They carry both the silver model, as well as the black model, and occasionally, you will find it chambered in 8mm. Price for the black 6mm model is slightly less, coming in at $58 currently, however, I feel the silver model has a MUCH more realistic appearance, and frankly, looks much better overall.

    Basic Gun Information
    The Marushin Derringer is a single action, double barreled pistol, chambered in 6mm, featuring fixed hop-up, and an internal gas reservoir. It has an exposed hammer, which must be cocked before firing, as well as a guardless trigger with a very short pull. This thing really is tiny, able to fit into the palm easily, and able to be hidden pretty much anywhere on your gear ready to whip out at a moments notice!

    First impressions/Packaging:
    The Derringer came well packaged in a very small box, with a folded cardboard lower section designed to keep the gun centered shipping. It was also wrapped up in some bubble wrap, further protecting the gun. It did its job perfectly, as there was no damage to the gun whatsoever.

    The first thing I thought when I saw the gun was to determine what was made of metal, and what was plastic. Frankly, I'm still not sure what is or is not made of plastic, as the chrome parts have such a high quality finish on them that they really look like metal.

    I wasn't expecting there to be too much in the tiny box, and sure enough, it only includes the gun, a manual, and a very small bag of BBs. The manual shows how to operate the gun, however, it is really simple to use, so if your manual is missing, don't worry too much.

    Gun Specifications:
    Weight: .45 lbs
    Length: 5"
    Width: 1.1"
    Height: 3.25"
    Sight Radius: 2.5"

    Compared to the older Marushin Derringers, the new models look MUCH better, mostly devoid of the seam lines that littered the prior models. The gun is best described as being made of four main parts: the frame, hammer, trigger, and pivoting barrel assembly.

    From here on, click all pics to enlarge

    External overview, left side
    Right side

    The frame houses all of the controls, grip panels, as well as the gas reservoir and firing mechanism. The chrome finish on the frame is fantastic, without any uncomfortable seam lines, with a slightly matte finish, making this thing look very realistic. The gas fill valve is located on the very bottom, making it very easy to refill even during games. The grip angle and shape is acceptable, but not very comfortable for extended use, however, this gun isn't exactly designed to be held for long times at the firing positions. It is designed to be pulled out, shot, and hidden again.

    Fill valve

    The trigger on this thing is very simple, only a basic rounded bar that matches the contours of the gun. There is no trigger guard, so its best to keep the hammer down when not in use, or with the safety on while cocked. Trigger pull is short, only 4mm or so, but is heavy enough to keep it from going off accidentally. The safety is located on the right side of the gun, and it doubles as the takedown lever to open up the breach.

    Safety: fire mode
    Safety: safe mode
    Safety: barrel unlocked

    Being a single action model, you must cock the hammer before firing. Luckily, the hammer is well positioned, and isn't too heavy, making it easy to cock it with the thumb of your firing hand. It is wide, with a knurled finish to allow for high grip. If you cock the gun, and want to lower the hammer without the gun firing, you can do it very easily by riding the hammer down with your thumb.

    Hammer cocked

    The flip up double barrel assembly is connected to the gun with a top mounted hinge, and the lower locking latch. It is rock solid when closed, securely locking onto the frame without any creaks or wobbles.

    You can actually aim the Derringer using the fixed, very low profile sights which are located on the top of the pistol. The front sight is molded into the barrel, and the rear sight is part of the hinge assembly for the breach loading barrel.

    Front sight
    Rear sight

    Marushin stamped some trademarks into the top of the barrel, and there is a "Made in Taiwan" label located on the left side of the frame.


    The overall size is, as mentioned repeatedly, very small. Compared to even a relatively compact pistol like a 4.3" 1911, it looks ridiculously small.

    Comparison shot

    This gun does not use a magazine, instead holding two 6mm BBs, breach loaded, one inside each barrel. Older Marushin Derringers used a single barrel design, with the top barrel acting as a magazine of sorts, holding 8 bbs, however, this design allows for slightly faster reloading in my opinion.

    To load the gun, you must first gas it up using your propellant of choice. I typically use propane dispensed from an Airsoft Innovations adapter. You then flip the safety lever forward, allowing the barrel to flip upwards, exposing the rubber BB retainers. Stick two BBs in there, close the barrel, and lock it up with the safety lever.

    Barrel open to allow for reloading
    BBs go here

    Chrono results using Matrix .20g BBs, shot through a Madbull V1 chrono, using Propane:
    High FPS: 231.9
    Low FPS: 224.0
    Average FPS: 226.7

    I was really surprised with the relatively high FPS, especially with the extremely short barrels. The gun does alternate between barrels when firing, giving you a grand total of two shots. You can, however, reload the BBs, and get out 10-14 shots out of each gas charge, in my use thus far.

    Surprisingly, the gun does have a fixed hop-up, which puts a fair bit of backspin on BBs, however, with the low velocity, I recommend .20g BBs. The range isn't superb, but you can certainly hit a man sized target at 55' or so 90% of the time.

    I won't be digging too deep into the guts of this gun, as NBB pistols aren't generally designed to be serviceable, however, I did discover that the gun has fixed hop-up on both barrels. From what I can see of the internals, they are constructed mainly out of metal, with plastic and rubber parts used for gas transmission. It has an inner mechanism that switches the gas output between the two barrels between shots, so there is no need for anything like a double trigger.


    Honestly, there's not much that you can (or would want to) do to this gun to modify it. There are, however, a few body kits on the market to make it look like an anime gun (just ask aznriptide for details).

    Relatively inexpensive
    Somewhat powerful for its size
    Actually able to hit someone

    Mainly plastic construction, however, it is EXTREMELY durable and has an astounding finish
    Only gives you 2 shots
    Safety is a little clunky to use

    If your primary weapon fails, reach for your backup. If that fails, reach for this. It's absolutely tiny, and easy to tuck nearly anywhere. It can be used in unique game scenarios (assassinations, POW escapes, etc), or just as backup gun in normal skirmishes. It's not exactly what you would call primary weapon material, but it is very fun to use, and it adds a nice touch of shame to anyone killed by it!

    Many thanks again to Evike, and of course, Airsoft Retreat!