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    S-Thunder Shocker Top/Green Gas 40mm Grenade Shell


    S-Thunder "Shocker" Top/Green Gas 40mm Grenade Shell review by Booligan
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    Table of Contents:
    Ordering/Company Info
    Basic Information
    First impressions/Packaging
    Grenade Specifications
    Proper Use

    Continuing in my series of reviews on S-Thunder's airsoft products, today I will be reviewing their 40mm Top/Green Gas capable grenade shells, in two different lengths. These shells have sturdy aluminum cores, however, they are not designed to use CO2, unless you upgrade the valve assemblies to S-Thunder's red CO2 capable valve units. These could be considered S-Thunder's entry level grenade shells, but they certainly can hold their own on the field. I will discuss all of the various aspects of these shells in this review!

    Ordering/Company Info:
    I obtained these shells directly from S-Thunder for the purpose of reviewing them here on Airsoft Retreat. I received two different Top Gas powered shells, both a long and a short model, in two different color schemes. The shells are priced at about $50 each at most airsoft retailers, including Evike, or directly from S-Thunder.

    Basic Information:
    These shells are constructed of anodized aluminum, which well machined parts, and sturdy O-rings. They are designed to be used in almost all 40mm grenade launchers, with a few exceptions, mainly based on the length of the shell. They do not feature individual BB holes, instead offering a .68 caliber inner core of varying length, depending on the shell. The shell includes a number of red rubber caps to close off the core, to keep your desired payload in place. These features come together to create a very interesting shell design, allowing you to launch all manner of projectiles, including 6 and 8mm BBs, paintballs, powder, or using it to launch nerf rounds.

    First impressions/Packaging:
    The "Shocker" 40mm shells arrived in a cardboard package with a clear plastic window showing you the grenade held within, as well as the rubber caps. It included a ten or so rubber caps (which can be ordered separately), the grenade, and a basic manual highlighting the proper functioning of the shell.

    At this point, click thumbnails to pull up full size pictures
    Long grenade all packaged up

    Grenade Specifications:
    Long Grenade
    Weight: About .5 lbs
    Length: 5 3/16"
    Diameter: 40mm (at base)
    Short Grenade:
    Weight: About .5 lbs
    Length: 4 3/16"
    Diameter: 40mm (at base)

    As mentioned earlier, the shells are largely constructed of anodized aluminum, which is sturdy and relatively lightweight. You have several choices in colors, and the shells themselves come in two lengths, one just shy of 4.25", and the other is an inch longer, at about 5.25". The different lengths have different payload capacities, and the size difference may affect the ability to fit into your launcher, so if you have a launcher that has limited length capabilities, measure it out to see which one will fit.
    Size comparison between the two shells

    The inner bore is .68" on both , with the long shell being 3.75" long, and the short being 2.75". This gives you an impressive payload, either of BBs, paintballs, powder, or pretty much anything else you can fit inside. The general layout of the two grenades is basically the same, only with one being an inch longer than the other.
    Short shell
    Long shell
    Shot into the bore, small grenade
    Long grenade

    The top of the shell unscrews, exposing a slight notch, which I believe is for an O-ring, to keep .68 caliber projectiles in place. You can also use the removable top to hold a small piece of paper, in case you run out of the rubber plugs. Just unscrew the top, fill the shell with your desired projectile, put a piece of tissue paper over the hole, and screw the top back on. This will hold in your projectiles while handling the grenade, and is basically free. The preferred method is to use the included red rubber plug, which pushes into the front.
    Top unscrewed
    Looking into the grenade
    Paper put over the hole
    Projectile secured
    Red plug
    Inserted into the shell

    The base of the grenade has the activation button, as well as the fill valve. I very much prefer the rear located full valve, as opposed to other grenades which load the gas at the front. It is not advised that you open the grenade, but if you do, you will see the valve assembly, which uses four ball bearings in its operation. Don't lose these ball bearings, as they are crucial to the proper functioning of the grenade.
    Valve and trigger assembly

    Proper Use:
    Using the grenade is very simple. First you must ensure that the trigger button and valve are properly set, by pushing it in all the way using a long tool, and allowing it to return flush with the rear of the shell. You can then gas it up using pretty much any gas but CO2. If you get the stronger valve assembly, you can use CO2, but stock, you need to use propane, 134A, Green gas, or Top gas. Once the shell is gassed up, you can now load it with your desired projectile. I will use BBs for this demonstration. Once loaded up, you can place the red rubber plug on top, and load it into your launcher!

    These shells are LOUD when firing! S-Thunder has it listed at 78-110 dB, and I'm inclined to believe that figure. From the muzzle end, the blast is very loud, and it carries throughout the field. People will know when you fire these. The performance of the shell depends on several factors, including the gas used, as well as the projectile that you are firing. With BBs, they come out in a cloud, firing out to about 60-80', depending on how much arcing you apply to your launcher. Oddly enough, the BBs got more range when I filled the launcher with a mix of BBs and flour, as it sealed up the gaps in between the BBs, which also made a very impressive cloud when firing. The small shell holds 88 6mm BBs, and the large holds 118. With 8mm BBs, I fit 30 in the short, and 45 in the long.
    I haven't had a chance to shoot any other projectiles out of these at games, as I don't have any paintballs, rubber balls, or other viable solid projectiles. It is fantastic at shooting out paper hole punch pieces, for some interesting cubicle warfare!

    Here is a video showing some of the various projectiles you can use with it:


    Versatile payload capabilities
    Able to use most airsoft gasses (No CO2)
    Easy resetting and loading
    Different sizes and colors available
    Affordable and damn sturdy

    Somewhat low BB capacities
    Red rubber caps require replacement (however, can be subbed out with tissue paper)
    Long shell too long to fit in some launchers (notably, the Pro-Arms 6-shot revolver)

    I'm always finding myself in need of more shells, and I've used many different brands in my years being involved in airsoft, and these are quickly becoming some of my favorites. No, they don't hold huge quantities of BBs, but they are incredibly easy to load, not even requiring a speedloader. They are loud, and the ability to launch things like 8mm BBs make you a force to be feared on the field. I'm still finding more ways to use these shells, and I'm sure you all will come up with even more.

    Many thanks again to S-Thunder and of course, AirsoftRetreat!