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    J-Rich LED M600C Flashlight


    J-Rich LED M600C Flashlight Review by Booligan
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    Table of Contents:
    Basic Information
    First impressions/Packaging
    Flashlight Details

    Having a flashlight on your AEG can increase your effectiveness in night and low light conditions, so if you're ever planning on playing at night, having a light is a no-brainer. I've tested quite a few lights in my years of doing this, and I've just stumbled across my new favorite, the J-Rich M600C LED weapon light. This relatively compact light throws out an incredibly bright, well defined circle of light, and it does it in a small, very nice looking body. Keep reading for more info on this powerful tactical flashlight!

    I ordered this light through Airsplat, who carries most of J-Rich's lighting products. The M600C is available HERE, priced at $49.99, which is pretty affordable for a full metal dedicated weapon light. It was shipped to me using UPS Ground, which is Airsplat's free shipping option for orders over $89, which is one of the lowest free shipping qualifying rates in the industry.

    Basic Information
    The J-Rich M600C is a high powered, yet compact dedicated weapon light that attaches to your gun using a hard mounted RIS base. It is constructed entirely out of metal, but isn't too heavy, due to its compact size. It uses a CREE Q5 LED with an integrated reflector lens assembly, and projects a tight white circle of light out to far ranges. It's visually modeled after the Surefire M600C Scout Light, adding a little bit of gear cred to your gun.

    First impressions/Packaging:
    Like my previous J-Rich products that I've reviewed, this came packaged in a simple cardboard box with no markings aside from a small piece of paper labeling the model held inside. It included the light itself, both a thumb activated end cap as well as a remote pressure switch equipped end cap. It did not include a battery, so you must purchase your own CR123A batteries to use in the light.

    Flashlight Details:
    As mentioned before, this is a full metal flashlight with an integrated weapon mounting base, eliminating the need to purchase a separate mount to attach it to your gun. It looks big in the pictures, but it actually comes in at about 5” long and only 1” wide.

    From here on, click all pictures to enlarge
    Flashlight overview

    At the front, you'll find mildly scalloped bezel, as well as the integrated reflector LED lens. The light does not have adjustable focus, but it does project a very well defined spot at the ranges that you'll mostly likely find yourself using it.
    Front end

    The body of the flashlight is made of metal and has an integrated mounting deck for 20mm rail systems. The mount is secured with a large thumb tightening screw with a sturdy crossbolt to keep it from sliding on your rail. I had no issues mounting it on a wide variety of guns, and it appears that the mount is made to the proper specifications.
    Light body
    Mounting deck

    The M600C includes two base caps, one for thumb activation and the other for use with the included remote pressure switch. They are easily interchanged by unscrewing the currently mounted base cap and swapping it out with the other one. The thumb switch is an on/off design, allowing you to leave the light running as needed. The pressure switch has a unique connector that allows you to unscrew the cord from the base cap, in case the cord gets damaged. The switch itself works quite well, activating with just a small amount of pressure.
    Thumb end cap
    Pressure switch end cap
    Pressure switch
    Cord is able to unscrew at the base

    The cord itself is pretty short, only 5” or so, but I've found that the length works quite well for most applications. When you remove the cord from the base, you can install the small rubber plug to prevent water from getting into the base cap. The rest of the light is equipped with large O-rings at the front and rear, adding a fair bit of water resistance to this thing.

    So, we've determined that this thing is built well and it looks awesome, but how well does it work? I'm very happy to report that it projects a very tight white beam of light that keeps its shape well without too much bleed through along the edges. At 20', the beam is about 3' wide, and is almost a perfect circle. At 40', the beam is still pretty narrow, only 5-6' or so, indicating that this is much better suited as a spot light vs. a wide beam light.
    Spot at 3'
    Spot at 20'

    The light is listed as having a 150 lumen output with a 120 minute battery life using two CR123A batteries, which are standard high performance flashlight batteries. I'm currently using rechargeable batteries which I got from Airsplat, and they've been working well so far without any issues.

    I'm REALLY impressed with the beam brightness and quality of this thing. There edge of the light beam is very crisp and the thing is basically a white spot of sunshine wherever you point it. I've always been impressed with J-Rich lights, and this thing just continues that tradition for me!
    Mounted on my JG MAG-K

    Compact size and weight
    Includes a sturdy mounting deck
    Affordable, only $50
    Comes with both end caps
    Uses a CREE LED for brightness and long life
    VERY bright and well shaped beam
    Long battery life – rated at 2 hours

    Some may have issues with the short pressure switch cord
    Uses 2 batteries, which can get pricy if you don't run rechargeable units
    Since the mount is hard mounted to the body, you can't really use this as a handheld light

    I love testing out lights, as they're one of the most useful airsoft accessories that you can purchase, and I've never really been disappointed with with J-Rich's products. Available almost exclusively at Airsplat, you can find a WIDE range of designs and models at low prices. I really like this M600C light as it's a dedicated weapon light with a built in mounting platform that works REALLY well. The beam brightness and shape are perfect for tactical use, and it seems like it'll take the beating that I plan on throwing at it!
    Many thanks again to Airsplat, and of course, Airsoft Retreat!