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    Lancer Tactical EGLM 40mm Launcher


    Lancer Tactical EGLM 40mm Launcher Review by Booligan
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    Table of Contents:
    Basic Gun Information
    First impressions/Packaging
    Gun Specifications

    The Enhanced Grenade Launching Module (EGLM) is a specially designed grenade launcher for use either as a standalone unit or with certain other weapon systems, including the FN SCAR. The Lancer Tactical EGLM comes as a standalone launcher mounted in a railed stock unit, but includes the different trigger units for use with both the SCAR-L and SCAR-H. I'll be testing this both as a standalone launcher as well as a mounted unit, so keep reading to hear about the pros, cons, and some issues that I ran into with this interesting weapon system!

    I ordered this launcher through Airsplat, who has it available HERE, priced at $176.99, which includes everything you need to use it as a standalone launcher or to mount it on a SCAR-L or H model. This price qualifies it for Airsplat's free shipping promotion which uses UPS ground. The gun got to me quickly, in 2 days or so without any damage during shipping.

    Basic Gun Information:
    The Lancer Tactical EGLM is mainly made out of polymer with a metal frame and barrel. It's a fairly robust unit, however there is some wobble with the various trigger units, depending on the gun that its mounted on. The EGLM has some cool features including the specialized trigger units that allow you to fire the launcher without having to change your grip position on the gun. The barrel unit also rotates a few degrees in either direction to make loading easier, especially with longer shells. It has some very realistic features including a rifled barrel and multi-lug breach system. Lancer Tactical was kind enough to include a flip up leaf sight that can be mounted in a variety of positions for use on top or side rails.

    First impressions/Packaging:
    The EGLM comes in a cardboard box with a white styrofoam inner liner to keep everything safe during transportation. It did its job well and there was no damage to the launcher when I got it. My first impression of the gun when I pulled it out of the box was how realistic the barrel/breach system was, and how it added to the overall realistic look and feel of the gun. I also liked how the launcher mounted to the standalone stock system, as it is quite robust and solid.

    Along with the launcher unit itself, Lancer Tactical included the aforementioned standalone stock unit, both the SCAR-L and SCAR-H trigger/magwell units, and a QD flip up leaf sight. They also included a manual that explains the proper way to use the launcher, although it's really quite self explanatory.

    Click on the individual thumbnails to see the full size photos

    Gun Specifications:
    Weight: 5.5 lbs (standalone launcher mode)
    Length: 20.3" – 26.6"
    Width: 2.25"
    Height: 7" (not including sight)
    Sight Radius: 4"

    The EGLM is comprised mainly of a high strength polymer with metal components where necessary. The metal parts of the launcher itself include the barrel and inner receiver systems, leaf sight, sling mounts, mounting deck, and various other internal components. The chassis is made almost entirely out of metal with a polymer grip, stock base, and a rubber butt pad. The parts that are made of plastic are well made and come in either matte tan or black.

    Overview, left side
    Overview, right side

    The stock is adjustable using a locking lever, and it locks into three different lengths. With the stock fully retracted, the system is fairly compact and easy to carry. The aggressive texture on the rubber butt pad keeps it secure against your shoulder when firing.

    Stock retracted
    Stock extended

    The grip is a standard M4 pistol grip, and can be easily swapped out for a new one if you so desire. It appears that it uses a real steel or GBB grip, so upgrades are plentiful and inexpensive.

    Pistol grip

    The chassis is made almost entirely out of anodized aluminum, which gives it a really solid backbone. The pistol grip is secured to the chassis using a large polymer mounting block that attaches to the lower rail. It has a specially designed front end that locks onto the launcher to keep it aligned.

    Chassis and grip mounting block

    The trigger unit is one of the most distinctive parts about the EGLM. It's designed to be operated by the middle finger of your dominant hand without taking your hand fully off the pistol grip. With the standalone launcher, this is a little bit awkward  but when it's mounted on a gun, it's pretty easy to use. The package includes three different trigger units, one for the standalone chassis, and one for each SCAR variant. I ran into an issue with the SCAR-L trigger on my WE SCAR-L, as it wouldn't align properly with the magwell, preventing the magazine from inserting fully. I was able to get around this by using the SCAR-H trigger, which cleared the magwell just fine, but cramped the pistol grip a little bit.

    Trigger unit
    SCAR magwells/triggers

    The launcher itself is a solid unit that is comprised of three main components, the aforementioned trigger unit, the frame, and the barrel/handguard. The frame unit houses the internal firing unit as well as the mounting system and sling mount. It has a metal internal frame for rigidity and stability, and the mounting system is a part of this frame. It mounts to either your gun or the chassis using two quick detach throw levers that are individually adjustable for tightness on the rail. On the left side of the frame, you'll find the barrel release lever that allows you to slide the barrel forward for loading. At the front of the frame, you will find the sling mount as well as a sliding lever that lets you take the barrel and handguard off of the frame for cleaning and maintenance.

    Barrel lock release lever
    Barrel removal lever
    QD attachment levers

    The barrel and handguard are basically one unit, although the barrel does slide forward and back and rotates on a cam inside when locking it into the frame. It slides on a top mounted guide rail and has a pivoting unit at the top that lets you rotate it left and right a few degrees for easy loading. This makes the use of long shells possible as you can side load it instead of bottom loading it like an M203. The rear of the barrel has large metal lugs that lock into the frame while loading the launcher. You must ensure that these lugs line up, and I recommend using a bit of white lithium grease to keep it operating smoothly.

    Barrel and handguard unit
    Locking lugs and rotating cam visible
    Barrel swings out a few degrees for easy loading

    The benefit of this launcher is that it can be used either as a standalone unit or mounted on your main rifle. It's obviously designed for use with SCAR replicas, but with the right combination of of rail system and trigger/magwell unit, it can be fitted to other replicas. Using a SCAR-H magwell and standard length RIS system, I was able to get it mounted on an M4.

    Mounted on a WE SCAR
    Mounted on a CQB M4

    Aiming this launcher can be accomplished using the included full metal leaf sight. The sight and mount have multiple mounting options, allowing you to put it on a top or side rail, either on the chassis or on your gun. It's adjustable for various ranges, which tweaks the angle that you're holding the gun at for longer range. The rear sight appears to be upside down, but if you remove it and put it the other way, the back of the sight blocks the front sight, making it unable to be used. Even mounted as it sits, you can aim it with both eyes open and get it on target. You can also mount optics on the chassis if you so desire.

    Leaf sight
    Leaf sight folded
    Long top rail

    There are no trademarks on the launcher or frame, however there is a unique laser engraved serial number on the left side of the launcher.

    Like all 40mm launchers currently on the market, the EGLM doesn't use magazines, instead holding a single 40mm shell that must be removed and replaced between shots. There are no shells included with the launcher, so you need to get your own before you can use the EGLM. Due to the rotating barrel system, you can fit pretty much any length of shell in this thing, even the really long ones from companies like S-Thunder. I tried out Madbull, S-Thunder, Classic Army, and King Arms shells in this without any issues.

    Extended S-Thunder shell being loaded in

    There's really no performance to measure, as the EGLM basically serves as a fancy way to push the button on the back of your chosen shell. It sure pushes that button well though, and looks damn good while doing it.

    Again, like the performance, there's really not too much to talk about with the internals of the launcher. It does have a metal firing pin and internal trigger system that works with the various external trigger units. The system is quite sturdy and gives decent feedback through the trigger as to when the shell is going to fire.

    Inner breach system

    There's really not too much to modify on the EGLM, however you can mount all kinds of accessories on the railed chassis. You can even mount more grenade launchers on it if you feel so inclined. The chassis can also be used with different launchers if you want, and I've mounted a Madbull XM203 on there with good results.

    XM203 mounted on the chassis

    EGLM can be used as a standalone launcher or mounted on a SCAR
    Able to fire without changing your grip too much
    Swiveling barrel system allows the use of extended shells
    Chassis system can mount up tons of accessories and optics
    Includes versatile leaf sight system
    Stock extends to various positions

    Makes the heavy SCAR even heavier
    Some wobble with the different trigger systems
    I couldn't use the SCAR-L trigger unit on my WE SCAR-L, I had to use the H unit
    Breach alignment is critical when you lock the barrel back in place

    I've had a WE SCAR-L for a while now, and I always felt that the one thing it was really missing was a grenade launcher. The EGLM is really the only one that looks and feels right on the gun, and it works fantastic. The fact that you can use this either as a mounted launcher or as a standalone unit is the icing on the cake! I've been a fan of standalone launchers for years, and the EGLM is a great one, as it gives you versatility as well as the ability to mount various optics and accessories. Overall, I really am impressed with this launcher, and I'm happy to have it attached to my gun!

    Many thanks again to Airsplat, and of course, Airsoft Retreat!