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    Bravo Xyclone High Speed Motor


    Bravo Airsoft Xyclone High Speed Motor review by Booligan
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    Table of Contents:
    Ordering/Company Info
    Basic Information
    First impressions/Packaging
    Motor Information
    Performance Information
    Bravo Airsoft continues to produce high quality internal components, and their latest offerings are upgraded motors, in high speed and high torque models. Today, I will be writing a brief review of their long high speed motor, the Xyclone.
    Ordering/Company Info:
    I obtained this motor directly from Bravo Airsoft in order to give it a first look review here on Airsoft Retreat. In this review, I will be looking at the construction of the motor, as well as the performance gains that it can give your AEG. It is currently priced at about $70-$80 at most major airsoft retailers.
    Basic Information:
    As mentioned before, the motor being reviewed today is a super high speed model, long length, designed for M4/16s, MP5s, etc. This motor has strong magnets, and my sources indicate that it spins at 53000 RPM, making it blazing fast. The only weak point indicated to me, and that I can confirm first hand, is the pinion gear is not the strongest material, so replacing it may be necessary later on.
    First impressions/Packaging:
    The motor comes packaged in a clear plastic sleeve, with a Bravo label. My first impression on checking out the motor is that it had damn strong magnets, making it quite difficult to rotate by hand.
    Motor Information:
    The motor has a chrome metal housing, with a blue plastic bell housing. A Bravo label can be found on the side of the housing, and the pinion gear uses a "D" type rod. As mentioned before, the metal used on the pinion gear isn't the best in the world, so I would look into replacements in case you start to have problems with it. It's a really solid little motor though, and the performance section below will show the ROF gains that it provides.
    Motor overview
    Pinion gear
    Endbell housing
    D-type pinion rod
    Performance Information:
    I've prepared a video below to show the performance gains of this motor in a variety of gun models.
    As you can see, it increases you rate of fire substantially, using a variety of different battery sources. If you want a motor to increase your ROF, this is certainly a great place to look!
    I did detailed testing using my Echo 1 ER16, firing at about 410 FPS. I took audio recordings using Audacity, using both an 8.4v 1600 mAh Intellect mini battery, as well as an 11.1v 1800 mAh 15C Elegence LiPo battery.
    Results were as follows:
    8.4v - stock motor - 10 RPS
    8.4v - Bravo motor - 15 RPS
    Increase of 50%
    11.1v - stock motor - 14 RPS
    11.1v - Bravo motor - Â 22 RPS
    Increase of 57%
    Very high performance
    Able to be used with springs up to M130 strength
    Readily available at US based retailers
    Long length motor works in M4s, MP5s, and several other models
    A bit expensive - $70 or so
    Pinion gear isn't the best, and D-type pinion gears are a bit harder to find then standard ones
    This motor helps turn your gun into a BB hose, ready to spray a cloud of BBs at your opponents. It gives you great performance, and the only real shortcoming is the iffy pinion gear, which can easily be replaced. I know that this thing will happily find a home in one of my custom guns!
    Many thanks again to Bravo Airsoft and of course, Airsoft Retreat!