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    Magpul PTS AFG (Angled Fore Grip)


    Magpul PTS AFG (Angled Fore Grip) review by Booligan
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    Table of Contents:
    First impressions/Packaging
    General Information
    Proper Use

    Magpul PTS is the airsoft/training division of Magpul, which makes them one of a handful of firearms companies that actually has an interest in our fine sport! They keep making new products that make the shooter more effective, and the AFG is one of the latest from their factory. This unique accessory will be finding its way onto more and more guns in the future, but you can check it out now in this review!

    I was sent the AFG from Airsplat, who recently started carrying Magpul PTS products at competitive prices. The AFG is available HERE, priced at $36.99. It was shipped out right after ordering, and arrived two days later using Airsplat's UPS Ground free shipping. Airsplat now carries pretty much everything that Magpul PTS makes, so if you're looking for Magpul goodies, they're a great place to check first!

    First impressions/Packaging:
    The Magpul PTS AFG comes packaged in a strong plastic bag, with the AFG itself, an interchangeable finger shelf, as well as a basic manual. It's not the most sturdy package I've ever seen, but it stood up to the shipping test just fine, and arrive to me in one piece.

    From this point, click all pictures to enlarge
    Everything all packaged up
    Everything included
    Info on the AFG

    General Information:
    So, what the heck is this weird looking thing? It is a foregrip, but not a vertical model that has become standard in the field. It is angled, and is usually installed much farther up the rail than a normal VFG. This allows for a more natural shooting posture, as well as reducing fatigue and increasing accuracy. It also is much lower profile than a VFG, meaning it is much less likely to get snagged on things.
    The AFG itself is made of a high strength polymer, with metal screws and nuts keeping the thing held together. The interchangeable front strap gives you the option of running it with or without a middle finger rest. I personally prefer to run it with the rest, but others may feel differently.
    AFG overview
    Smooth front strap
    Bottom of unit
    Mounted up

    It mounts up very solidly, with no wobble on any of the rail systems that I put it on. The cross screw mounting system is very forgiving when it comes to slightly out of spec rails, allowing you to put it on pretty much anything with rails. It does require 5" of rail real estate, but it can be a little more forgiving in airsoft applications, as you're not dealing with recoil, muzzle blast, or anything else that can cause issues with shortening the rail length.

    Installing the AFG is extremely simple, only requiring a flat head screwdriver, and 5" of rail space. You must unscrew the single mounting screw, slide the AFG onto the rail onto your desired position, place the screw back in, and screw it into the nut on the other side. Try mounting it at different positions on the rail, as moving it forward or backward may have a totally different feel. I prefer to mount mine as far forward as the rail will allow.
    My preferred mounting point

    Changing out the front strap is slightly more complicated, requiring you to undo the screws holding the unit together, pulling it apart, and inserting your desired front strap. Once you've got it inserted, stick it back together, tighten your screws, and you're ready to roll.

    Proper Use:
    Once installed, properly holding the unit comes naturally. If you're using the finger rest, put your first two fingers above the rest, bottom two below. Where does your thumb go in this dance? Well, that depends on the rail, gun, and your personal style. Many shooters "in the know" like to wrap their thumb over the top of the rail, behind the front sight. On some taller rail systems, this is impossible/uncomfortable, so resting it along the side of the rail is my method. Honestly, try it out in different ways, and see what works for you. Different people have different shaped hands, and no one solution will work for everyone, so try it out and see which method you prefer.
    2 fingers above, 2 below
    Thumb resting on the side rail

    So, why go with this over a standard vertical grip? Well, a standard VFG rests all of the weight on the very top of your hand and gets uncomfortable after time. Squeezing a narrow grip actually affects blood flow, doing wonky things to your accuracy. The AFG gives you a wide, comfortable reference point, resting the front weight of the gun across a larger surface area. You don't need to choke the hell out of the grip to keep it secure, the shape and angle does that for you. On real guns, the position of the rail helps tame recoil, giving you faster follow-up shots, but in airsoft, the real benefit is comfort and easily facilitating point shooting. You swing the gun where you think it needs to be, and voila, it is there.

    It mounts up on all kinds of weapon systems, so you're not just limited to ARs. It actually works incredibly well on rail equipped AKs, as it's low profile design doesn't interfere with magazine changes, unlike most VFGs. The unique look and design really lend themselves well to "futuristic" weapon platforms, such as the G36 series. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
    Magpul'd 416

    Mini Zombat monster

    PMC style AK


    Very ergonomic design
    Increases point and shoot ability
    Prevents your hand from sliding in front of the muzzle
    Compatible with pretty much anything with a rail
    Low profile design prevents snags

    Pricier than most foregrips
    Honestly, I think you'll see these on a ton of guns in the future, making you part of the Magpul Horde

    I first saw the AFG at SHOT Show, and at first glance, I thought it was stupid. I love my normal VFGs, and never thought I had a problem with them. I then picked up an AFG equipped gun, and my mind was blown. The design just plain works. Magpul has a tendency of filling a need that you never thought you needed, and this product is no exception. Only advice I can give you is to get yours now, so you can be an AFG OG.
    Many thanks again to Airsplat and of course, Airsoft Retreat!