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    JBU Modular Suppressor System


    JBU Modular Suppressor System (MSS) review by Booligan
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    Table of Contents:
    Basic Information
    First impressions/Packaging
    Proper Use

    Well, following my recent trend of accessory and gear reviews, today I'm bringing you a review of the JBU Modular mock suppressor System, hereafter referred to as the MSS. It is designed for those users looking for a little adjustability in their barrel mounted devices, and offers adjustability to fit various guns as well as to cover up various lengths of inner barrels. It offers lengths as short as 150mm and as long as your creativity (and wallet) will allow!

    I received the MSS directly from Team Specialized Distribution (TSD), as they are the primary importer of JB Unicorn (JBU) products. They have long carried the myriad internal and external accessory offerings from JBU and this system is no exception. Word from TSD is that the 2 segment unit with flashhider has an MSRP of about $70, with the one segment unit including flashhider coming in about $60. This sounds like a lot, but considering that the two segment unit is basically two mock suppressors in one, and include a steel flashhider, it works out to be a good deal. In order to buy that separately, you're looking at $35 per can and $20 for the hider, so it's a good price. Word is they are working on one that doesn't incorporate the special flashhider; just mounting on standard 14mm- threads.

    Basic Information:
    Well, what is this thing? Basically, it's a cosmetic mock mock suppressor system, which have long been used in airsoft either to achieve a custom look on your replica, as well as a clever and attractive way to cover up and protect an extended inner barrel. This model brings the unique feature of modularity, meaning that you can adapt it to fit a variety of guns, looks, and inner and outer setups. There will likely be two kits offered; the long and the short, with the long one being reviewed today in addition to one extra extension piece. The long kit includes two center sections, and the short only includes one. Extra extensions will be available, meaning you could theoretically extend this to be several feet long. The MSS is made of aluminum, which offers a decent weight (without being too heavy) and a very solid build.

    First impressions/Packaging:
    The long kit as well as the extension piece came in their own clear plastic packaging, complete with a JBU marked cardboard display tag. It's not the best packaging, but it should keep costs low as well as make for easy retail display.

    From here on, click all pictures to enlarge


    Included with the basic long kit is the rounded muzzle piece, two inner extensions, the base piece, and the 14mm- threaded steel "Phantom" style flashhider which is required to mount the MSS. The extra extension I was sent includes just that; the single extension piece. I believe there will be kits with two extra extension pieces available as well.

    Everything I received, note this is the long kit plus one extension

    Length: 150mm - 230mm (with standard 2 insert kit) Length could be adjusted to as long as you want technically.
    Section Length: 80mm
    Width: 38mm
    Threading on Flashhider: 14mm-

    As mentioned earlier, the unit itself is manufactured from aluminum, which is finished in a matte black color. It appears as though it could be anodized, but I do not know for sure. The flashhider is made of steel, and is very nicely manufactured as well. The threading is very well made, and everything screws together nice and easily, but use common sense to avoid cross threading.

    Flashhider with base attached, showing how it screws on

    Here are three pictures showing the lengths possible with the long kit and one extension:

    There are engraved JBU trademarks on the base tube, as well as a serial number that I have been told is unique to each kit. The other extension pieces do not have any trademarks at all.

    Trademarks on the base tube

    The muzzle end is rounded and has a 10mm opening. The base has a much larger opening in order the attach to the external threading on the included flashhider. The threading is very fine, not like the SCAR QD mock mock suppressors, so it will not work with other externally threaded flashhiders.


    Now, what's inside these things?
    Absolutely nothing

    These are totally empty as not to violate any NFA laws. Again, these is a cosmetic accessory only and does not affect the volume of your airsoft replica, as having it change the volume would require a Class 3 NFA tax stamp and background check.

    Proper Use:
    This kit can be utilized on practically any 14mm- airsoft replica. It's adjustability for length means that you can tweak it to fit and look appropriate on anything from a pistol to a DMR or sniper rifle.
    First, you must mount the included 14mm- threaded "Phantom" style flashhider. Once doing so, you will notice that the flashhider itself is threaded externally.

    Mount the flashhider

    You can now determine your desired length by attaching any combination of extension pieces. Take the assembled unit and screw it on to the flashhider, by rotating it clockwise (threaded cw or +).
    It's very simple. Here are a few different setups on a few different AEGs:

    1 insert on AGM Stubby M4
    2 inserts on TSD/SRC G36C
    3 inserts on UTG M4

    Made of steel and aluminum
    Good weight and solid construction
    Includes "Phantom" style flashhider
    Unique serial number
    More or less universal fitment

    Not modeled after any real item
    Lines where the extensions meet (not totally smooth appearance, not a big deal to me, but still, some may not like it)
    Must use included flashhider (which is totally covered by the body of the unit, but again, some may not like it)
    14mm- only (which can be overcome with a 14mm- to + adaptor)

    I always find myself putting mock suppressors on my airsoft replicas, both to cover up longer inner barrels or just for a unique look, but I always hate having to buy a different one for different lengths. This basically allows you to design your mock mock suppressor to fit your gun and setup, while still letting you tweak it by adding or removing extensions to fit different guns or setups. Its intention is to be a universal mock mock suppressor kit, and I believe it has accomplished that nicely.

    Many thanks again to TSD, Deadrag Airsoft Radio and of course, Airsoft Retreat!