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    Revision Wolfspider and Bullet Ant Goggles


    Revision Wolfspider and Bullet Ant Goggle review by Booligan
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    Table of Contents:
    Bullet Ant
    Revision Eyewear is one of the leading eye protection specialists in the world, with their products being used predominantly by military personnel, law enforcement units, and of course, private citizens for sport uses, including airsoft. They have a broad range of products, including sunglasses, shooting glasses, and several full seal ballistic goggle systems, two of which will be reviewed here! Â
    I first met with Revision Eyewear at SHOT Show 2010, where they had an impressive display of their various products. They were able to show me their newest product, the Wolfspider, as well as their Bullet Ant goggle system. They were kind enough to send a sample of each, in order to have them reviewed here on Airsoft Retreat. Revision goggles are available currently at many large airsoft retailers, including ASGI, and most stores that sell military/optical gear, including USCav, Sportsman's Warehouse, Optics Planet, etc... If you can't find a store near you that carries them, you can purchase all Revision products directly from their WEBSITE. The Bullet Ants are available in several packages, from the bare bones single lens kit, priced about $60, to the deluxe three lens kit reviewed today, priced at $120 at most stores. The Wolfspider is not currently listed as being for sale on their website, but my research is showing an MSRP of $179 for the deluxe three lens kit, with actual retail pricing most likely being a fair bit less.
    Both goggles come packaged in glossy cardboard boxes, ready to be displayed on retail shelves. Both boxes have images and information about the goggle systems held within, as well as a picture of the "16 foot shotgun blast" test results. The various ballistic impact certifications that the systems meet are listed on the boxes, which I will discuss in the next sections.
    From this point on, click all thumbnails to enlarge the pictures.
    Wolfspider box
    Bullet Ant box
    The Wolfspider goggle system is designed to be a strong, lightweight eye protection system offering you a very low profile design, very wide field of view, and a unique dual polymer construction to give you high strength as well as great comfort in one package. Compared to other goggle systems that I've used from various manufacturers, these are the lowest profile units that I've personally used. They hug the contours of your face, due to the dual polymer construction, making them really quite comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time.
    Wolfspider overview
    I was sent the deluxe kit, which includes a neoprene storage case with integrated cleaning cloth, clear, smoke, and high contrast yellow lenses, anti-glare lens cover, microfiber cleaning cloth, and a reusable anti-fog cloth. The storage case has nylon loops on the back allowing you to mount it up to your rig for convenient storage. The case has two pockets inside for your extra lenses, and the opening to the case doubles as a cleaning cloth.
    Deluxe kit
    Storage case
    The goggle frame is a very low profile design, which is made of two different materials. The front portion of the frame, which holds the lenses, is made of a stiff, black polymer, which gives the system its strength. Strong materials aren't always comfortable materials, so the back half of the frame is made of a soft, grey material that is very comfortable on your face. It flexes and bends to mold to your face, giving you a comfortable full seal, preventing the entrance of foreign objects into the goggles. The perimeter of the goggle frame is ventilated, to prevent fogging, but surrounded by foam, to prevent dust from getting into your eyes.
    Front view
    Side view
    Top view
    Ventilated design
    Foam to keep out dirt/dust
    The included lenses give you options for all light conditions, and the frame design allow you to change them out in 30 seconds or so. The lenses are removed by pulling the frame slightly apart, popping the lens out of the frame. Reinstalling the lens is the reverse of taking it out, by putting in the nose piece first, and following the perimeter of the lens, snapping in the various locking notches into the frame. The lenses and frame are rated and certified to ANSI Z87.1-2003, and they exceed MIL-V-43511D, Clause 3.5.10, and MIL-PRF-31013, Clause In short, they will take any impact an airsoft gun can impart, and then some. You can rest assured that these lenses will take any abuse that airsofters can throw at them.
    The strap is adjustable to fit a wide variety of head sizes, as well as headwear choices. The goggles are designed to be worn over or under helmets, or with various hats, balaclavas, or other head gear. The strap uses a simple two slider system to adjust for various sizes, allowing you to quickly and easily fit it to your specific situation. The strap is actually molded into the side clips, which are what attach it to the goggle frame. If you need to remove the strap for any reason, the side clips can easily be removed from the frame, allowing you to take the strap off.
    Strap molded into the side  clip
    Revision logo
    Included with the goggles is an anti-glare sleeve that slips over the goggles when not in use. It doubles as a bit of a pad when pulled around back onto the strap, keeping the strap from pulling on your hair. The last trick up its sleeve is that it functions as a cleaning cloth, wiping away dust and dirt from the lenses. It can be removed by pulling off the side clip, and sliding it off of the strap.
    Sleeve in place
    Overall, the Wolfspider is an excellent goggle system, giving you full, single lens coverage with a very wide field of view. At no point while wearing the goggles did I feel like they were in the way, or did they block my view. The low profile design allows you to use your iron sights with ease, and they ride high enough up on your face as to not interfere with your cheek weld. The only complaint that I currently have with them is that they don't appear to work with Revision's RX carrier system, so as far as I know, you cannot fit a prescription lens inside. I am currently waiting to hear from Revision as to if they are making a prescription carrier for this goggle system, and will update the review accordingly.
    Bullet Ant:
    The Bullet Ant goggle system is one of Revision's most recognizable designs, giving you a compact dual lens design with all of the ballistic protection that Revision is known for. They feature a matte black flexible frame with foam covered vents to prevent fogging and debris intrusion. They are a compact design, allowing them to fit over or under a helmet, as well as with most other headgear.
    Bullet Ant
    Like the Wolfspider, I was sent the deluxe kit, including the goggles, a nylon carrying case, three different lenses, an anti-reflective sleeve, microfiber cleaning cloth, and an anti-fog cloth. The package really gives you everything you need as far as goggles go. The carrying case is really quite handy, as it holds the goggles, lenses, various cloths, and is small enough to be clipped onto your gear using the included nylon loops or the plastic clip.
    Deluxe kit
    Storage case
    Attachment loops
    Everything stored inside
    The frame on the Bullet Ant goggles is made of a very flexible polymer, giving the goggles incredible versatility for different head sizes and headwear options. The frame is ventilated with hexagonal vents, with an inner layer of foam. The lenses are held firmly in place, but are able to be pulled out relatively quickly and easily to change them out with different tint options.
    Front overview
    Inner foam layer
    The lenses have the same ballistic ratings as the Wolfspider's, meaning that they are much stronger than you or I need them to be. They will keep your eyes safe in pretty much any situation you'll encounter in airsoft. The deluxe kit includes clear, smoke, and yellow lenses, giving you versatility in all lighting conditions.
    The strap is fairly thin, only 1", but it doesn't cut into your head or sit uncomfortably, which is something I've seen on other thin strap equipped goggles. It is adjustable using a locking clip located on the right side of the strap, and a sliding adjuster on the left. Like the Wolfspider, there is an anti-glare sleeve located on the strap, that can be pulled around over the lenses when not in use to prevent unwanted reflection. It can also be used as a quick lens cleaning cloth if needed.
    Strap and sleeve
    Overall, the Bullet Ant goggles are great if you're looking for something really compact, but still full seal. The flexibility and compact design mean that the goggles won't interfere with aiming your weapon. These goggles are compatible with Revision's RX carrier kit, so you can get your prescription filled and have a total eye protection package with vision correction. This makes the system very versatile for pretty much any user.
    Absolute eye protection
    Comfortable, low profile designs
    Different lens choices
    Cases/cloths/wipes are great accessories
    Real-world reputation
    Able to be worn in conjunction with various headgear
    Somewhat pricey (can you really put a price on your eyes though?)
    Wolfspider isn't compatible with RX carrier
    MOLLE webbing on the cases would be a great touch
    Having seen, but never used Revision's eye protection products, I was really impressed with the comfort that these systems offers. Their protection and testing is really overkill for our purposes, as with most military approved eye protection, so it really comes down to the comfort and styling that separates different options in airsoft. These excel in both categories, giving you extremely comfortable goggles with a really unique look, and some great features. One of the big issues with any goggle systems is fogging, and at this time, I have yet to encounter any during my use with these goggles. The outer surface of the lens will occasionally fog if you breath on it, but the inner surface, which is the one susceptible to fogging will not, even if you try. If you encounter any fogging, use the included anti-fog wipe to renew the coating. I even use the wipes on my regular glasses, and some other goggles I have, and it is a fantastic product on its own. Never before has the airsoft market been so filled with fantastic eye protection options from various manufacturers, and these certainly are amongst the top tier options out there.
    Many thanks again to Revision Eyewear, and of course, Airsoft Retreat!