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    WinGun 7 Series CO2 Revolver


    WinGun 7 Series CO2 Revolver review by Booligan
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    Table of Contents:
    Real Steel History
    Basic Gun Information
    First impressions/Packaging
    Gun Specifications

    I've always had a bit of a soft spot for revolvers, both in my real steel collection, as well as my airsoft one. Along the way, I've picked up a few fun guns, but never anything that really made me say wow. The WinGun 7 series makes me say wow, and I'll explain why in this review!

    Real Steel History:
    A revolver is a multishot firearm, usually a handgun, in which multiple firing chambers are grouped into a cylinder which rotates to align each round sequentially with a single barrel. This replica is a "swing out cylinder" type of revolver, in which the cylinder swings out to the side for reloading. Revolvers are available in a variety of calibers, barrel lengths, build materials, and actions. Single actions require the hammer to be drawn back with each shot, while double actions can be fired solely by pulling the trigger.

    Revolvers are no longer widely used by most major police departments, due to the higher capacity, and different cartridges available in autoloading pistols. They are, however, still used by some officers, especially in undercover units, due to their small size, light weight, and reliable action. They remain popular with sports shooters, hunters, and armed civilians for the same reasons listed above.
    (Parts taken from Wikipedia.com)

    I came across this revolver on Evike, while perusing their gas pistol section. It is currently located HERE, priced at $119.00. I received it two days after ordering, using UPS ground shipping. Big thanks to Evike for sending this gun over for review!

    Basic Gun Information
    The WinGun 7 series is a line of revolvers with various barrel lengths/styles, two different loading mechanisms, but sharing the same CO2 propulsion method. They are all full metal, which is really what separates them from the other "budget" revolver options out there. WinGun is the OEM manufacturer of several gas pistols, and they are utilized by several companies to create their guns. The Revolver line consists of three barrel lengths, 4", 6", and 8", with different styles coming with the different lengths. They mainly utilize shells for their loading, except for one model line which uses rotary clips, much like a pellet gun.
    The pistol that I ordered is the chrome 4" barrel model. I chose it as it was the one with the most tastefully designed barrel in my opinion, as the 6" had an odd vented design, and the 8" was just too big. I chose the chrome model because chrome revolvers are dead sexy.

    First impressions/Packaging:
    The revolver came packaged in a cardboard box, tastefully decorated with a large image of a revolver, information about the series, as well as pictures of all the guns in the 7 series.

    From here on, click all pics to enlarge
    Box art

    I was pleased to see that the gun came with several accessories that the user may actually use! The package includes the gun, six brass/plastic shells, a handy shell speedloader, two rails, an allen wrench, and a manual showing how to properly use the gun. The speedloader is a great accessory, and allows you to load all 6 shells into the gun in one move. If you purchase extra shells, this will allow you to quickly reload your gun in the field.

    Everything included

    Gun Specifications:
    Length: 10"
    Width: 1.5"
    Height (Sight to grip): 5.75"
    Sight Radius: 6.75"

    I was pleased to see that this really was a full metal revolver, being constructed almost entirely out of the shiny stuff, with only the grip being made of plastic. Build quality is very nice, especially for the price.
    Starting with the grip, which, as mentioned previously, is made of plastic. It has a tasteful dark wood grain finish, with stippled side panels. The WinGun logo is inlaid into the sides above the textured sides. Thankfully, the CO2 activation screw/knob is hidden inside the grip, as opposed to most CO2 guns which have it hang out the bottom. The rear of the grip slides back in order to facilitate installation of the 12g CO2 cartridge. The finger grooves at the front of the grip further add to the comfortable experience you will have holding this gun.

    CO2 compartment
    No knob here!

    The frame of the revolver houses the CO2 mechanism, as well as all of the other fire controls. This revolver actually has a safety, which doubles as the cylinder release. It is a sliding button located on the left side of the frame, which has three positions, safe, fire, and open (which opens the cylinder.) The safety only prevents the hammer from being pulled back. If you pull back the hammer and activate the safety, the trigger can still be pulled, firing the gun. Speaking of the hammer, it's obviously located at the rear of the frame, and seems to be quite wide. When pulled back, it pulls the trigger back, only requiring a 2-3mm trigger pull to fire the gun. This is a double action revolver, so you can fire it just by pulling the trigger, as well as by pre-cocking the hammer. The trigger pull is fairly heavy in either mode, but is obviously lighter and shorter after cocking the gun.

    Safety/cylinder release
    Trigger before pulling back the hammer
    Trigger after pulling back the hammer
    Hammer pulled back.

    The cylinder swings out the left, and houses the six included shells. The shells slide in and out easily, and the push rod activated extractor is wholly unnecessary. When swung out, the cylinder has a nice, smooth rotation, allowing stylish spins.

    Cylinder swung out
    Empty cylinder
    Full cylinder

    The barrel is about 3.5" long, with an additional 1/4" orange muzzle added to the end. The barrel is of a "vent rib" design, with a dovetail mount on top in order to mount the included optic rail. A second dovetail mount is located at the bottom of the barrel to mount an accessory rail, which is also included. Unfortunately, there are two screw holes on the right side of the barrel. The orange muzzle is made of metal, and is actually molded to be one piece with the front sight blade, making removal tricky.

    Other side, showing screw holes
    Orange muzzle

    The sights are fully adjustable for windage and elevation using a flat head screwdriver. The front is a basic metal post, which is painted bright orange, as it's part of the muzzle. It is VERY high visibility with this finish. The rear is a basic notch, and offers a quickly acquired sight picture.

    Front sight
    Rear sight
    Sight picture

    There are two rails included with the gun, one short and one long. The long one is designed to mount on top, to mount optics, and the short one is for mounting underneath the barrel, for lights, lasers, grenade launchers, etc. The top rail requires the rear sight to be removed first, to allow you to slide the rail onto the dovetail rail. Once installed, the rear sight can be put back on. I chose to mount the short rail on top, and installed a Doctor style reflex sight.

    Top rail added

    Overall, I was extremely pleased with the externals. The only real negative points in my opinion were the screw holes on the barrel. The chrome finish is very smooth and even, but attracts finger prints very easily.

    There are a few markings on the gun, namely "Super Sport 701" on the barrel, and a WinGun patent logo on the right side of the frame, as well as the basic "read the manual" warning.


    Being a revolver, this gun doesn't have magazines. It instead utilizes shells, which are made of metal with a plastic "bullet" at the front that holds the BB. Each shell holds one BB, giving you a total of six rounds at your disposal. Additional shells are available at Evike for a reasonable price.

    Shells in speedloader

    FPS tested using TSD .20g BBs shot through a Madbull V1 chrono. Ambient temps in the 65-70 degree range, after 30 rounds on a CO2 cartridge.
    High FPS: 413.8
    Low FPS: 392.2
    Average FPS: 402.5

    I didn't notice any cool down while firing, in fact the opposite was occurring. It didn't make any sense, but the FPS went up with every shot, culminating in the ratings indicated above. I let the gun get back up to temp, then tried it again, with similar results. Strange, but true.

    As far as accuracy goes, I was not expecting much. Fast gun, no hop-up as far as I can tell, and general reports indicating sub-par accuracy were preparing me for the worst. I was pleasantly surprised when I set up my standard 12"x24" "Torso" target at 100', and was able to hit it with all six shots, using TSD .28g ammo. Odd choice for ammo, I know, but it worked. When my target was stretched out to 160', I was unable to score a single hit out of 6 shots. Lighter ammo may have given me different results, but I was pleased enough to hit a torso with 100% accuracy at 100'.

    With regards to gas "mileage", I've put about 80 rounds through it so far on a single 12g cartridge, and it's still going strong. Other users are reporting about 100 rounds through theirs before needing to pop a new cartridge, so that's about what I'm expecting.

    This pistol operates using a hammer fired valve assembly. When firing, the hammer hits a valve located inside the frame of the gun, dispensing a small amount of CO2 to propel the BB. The rear of the chamber has a rubber seal to optimize the gas going into the rear of the shell. The front of the chamber has a spring loaded "nozzle" of sorts, to seal up with the front of the shell. There is no hop-up from what I can tell.

    Rear seal
    Loading "port"

    Revolvers don't usually have too many upgrade or add on options on the market, and this is no exception. The rails do give you some options for mounting accessories, but I think that most users will leave it relatively stock. I personally have just added the red dot referenced previously, and I think that it's perfect with just that.

    Sturdy and attractive full metal construction
    Realistic use of shells
    Nice included accessories
    Great gas usage
    Comfortable ambidextrous grip

    Shoots HOT
    A GG/Propane version would be great
    Heavy trigger pull
    No hop-up

    There are better (and safer) skirmish pistols out there, but the style of this gun is the main selling point. It's an attractive and high performance replica, best used for practical shooting events and target practice, but with some practice and in the right hands can be used for skirmishes. Externally, it's incredible, and is only faulted by a few internal goof ups. Overall, I'm very impressed with it.

    Many thanks again to Evike, and of course, Airsoft Retreat!